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About the Project

I've always been enjoyed electronics, designing, hacking, breaking, and failing to successfully reassemble (to the great dismay of my mother). Of late, surface mount, or SMD, has peaked my interest and quickly proved to be a formidable challenge. 

So I've tried all the easy (and cheap) solutions. Many messy solderings and poor attempts at hot air reflow and I am longing for a better technique. 

So I designed the Solder Reflow Plate, a cheap hobby/small business level solder plate capable of making beautiful SMD solder joints. Not wanting to hoard my creation I have made it open-source and fully available to the world. 

So feel free to design, hack, break, and hopefully assemble to your heart's content.

Or, if you prefer the easy life, register your email above and I will let you know when you can get hold of one from the likes of Amazon / Ebay / etc.

(Blame the chip shortage, no Atmega328p's anywhere!)

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